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May 20, 2006

Last Blogspot Update!

Hello fellow Kawooshers!

Yup... I still have exams (they seem to go on forever) but don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you guys.

This'll be the last update I give you guys from here as we're moving to:
Puddle Jumping @ http://kawoosh.puddlejumping.co.uk

This is in effect my LJ. For those of you who have LJs, feel free to add me to your friends list.

It's still under minor construction, but it's up and running. :)

Now just to remind you, the deadline for the Double Instrumental Challenge is in (just under) four weeks! Good luck with it and don't forget to announce your videos (yes, both of them) over on the forum.

See you on the other side!

May 13, 2006

Challenge Spec Update

Hey guys,

It just occurred to me that there have been a few edits to the Double Instrumental Challenge specs over at the forum that I didn't really draw any attention to here, so I thought I should!

The current specifications stand at:

1. The first video must use a classical piece of music i.e. created over 40 years ago
2. The second video must use any other instrumental music e.g. techno, film music, trailer music, song without words, etc.
3. Each video must be over 45 seconds long but no more than 5 minutes.
4. You may use a limit of 7 voice-overs.
5. You must not use any Immediate Music tracks.

Huge apologies if you've done a video and realise it doesn't match the criteria anymore! You may send an angry e-mail to me. :$

Good luck everyone, and don't forget to make your video known in the forum by the 16th June!

May 05, 2006

New challenge!

Hello everyone.

I've been around since I handed in my final year project, updating Kawoosh! like mad (there's a little backlog) and tweaking small things here and there.

There's a new challenge over on the forum, be sure to check it out especially if you're into instrumental music vids! I'm excited... but I also have exams soon... grrr.

I'm also thinking of changing this updates page. I've been site-tinkering lately with a blogger I made (http://puddlejumping.co.uk), which was just a playground I could mess around with PHP and CSS in... but now, I think I want to put it into proper use. We'll see though, there's still a ton of stuff I need to do!

Until my exams are over (in June... omg, ages away), I'll still only be adding new videos to Kawoosh!. But y'see that to-do list on the side of this page? I have all that and more to do once I'm done with uni!

So, until the next check-in... happy vidding!

April 20, 2006


I just wanted to reassure everyone that I'm still alive!

I know I've been slacking lately with Kawoosh! and the forum, but I really need the time to concentrate on my final year project. I'll be a little more active around the beginning of May, just before my exams.

So, until the next check in, happy vidding. :)

April 11, 2006

26 new videos

Yup, I've finally got Kawoosh! back up to date... phew. I believe I've listed 7 new editors as well. It was very rushed, so apologies in advanced for any mistakes I might have made - feel free to e-mail me!

I am counting the days until 1st June: my last exam. :)

But until then, I'm keeping a low profile around the web these days.

April 07, 2006


I'm tired.

This week has been incredibly crazy - coursework deadlines, practicals and tests at uni together with dance rehearsals has made me neglect the online life I lead. I've only been getting a few hours sleep each night and really haven't had a lot of time to focus on Kawoosh! at all.

So with that, I apologise! It's moments like these I wish I had a time-dilation device.

I'm hoping by Sunday things would've calmed down and so I'll do the new videos listing then.

I also want to thank Derry and Klostes for pointing minor errors with the video submission form.

April 03, 2006


Hello, hello.

I think Kawoosh! is now up to date with the new video listings. Keep 'em coming! We've had a lot of new editors as well as new members over at the forum.


The next couple of months is going to be hectic. It's my final year at uni and we're drawing closer to the stressy time of exams as well as my final year project deadline... it's like a dissertation but in computer language rather than in English language.

I'm going to be doing the bare minimum for Kawoosh!, trying to keep it updated as well as respond to e-mails. I probably won't have time to start working on the features listed on the 'to-do' until after this hullabaloo is over.

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