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October 04, 2005

US Version of Kawoosh!

I have had a lot of e-mails now from video editors asking me about this, so I thought I should clarify things. It'd be great if as many people as possible could be notified of this as I'm unsure how many people has been affected.

Many editors have received an e-mail from Jeff implying that I'm working with him to create a US version of Kawoosh!.

I have no intention of collaborating with anyone to create a US version of Kawoosh!. The only Kawoosh! I'm concerned with is this one. Muppet's my second-in-command and she has been absolutely wonderful, especially with the forum and keeping me sane.

Why would there be a need for a "US version" anyway? I don't really get that...

The only connection between Jeff and I is that I wrote some HTML and php for his website so he could host his music videos. That is all. I do this for a lot of people who'd like to have a website but know nothing about making them.

I believe he was trying to use my name and Kawoosh! to promote his new website. I have e-mailed him with my disapproval of this and he has replied saying he'll stop doing it...

I'd like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to anyone. I'm worried what Jeff has been doing can be classed as spamming, especially when I suspect he has been using the e-mail addresses listed on Kawoosh!.

To bottom-line this, as far as I'm concerned, this is the only Kawoosh! around. I'm confident that Muppet and myself are doing a great job. I have no intentions of making a US version or any other version of Kawoosh!.


At 9:49 pm, Anonymous Muppet said...

It makes me very cross that someone would try to capitalise on how long and hard you've worked at making Kawoosh! so successful, particularly after you had tried to help them start up.

At 10:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't really get why there would be a need for more than one general Stargate music video archive...

If it was a specific pairing say... McKay/Sheppard or something it would be understandable to start it up, but also saying that you're involved isn't right either.

He sent me an e-mail, and then sent me another one.

I see nothing wrong with Kawoosh!.

Kawoosh! rocks. It's very neat, and organized and easy to find things. :)

- Martouf Marty

At 11:26 pm, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

LOL That's exactly what I wrote him, Gater...I was like..why the heck do we need an "american version"? lol

yeah..so thanx for clarifying that :)

At 11:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why would you need an american version? I mean, it's not like some big gigantic franchise like Google or Yahoo, it's a giant archive of music videos.


At 9:21 pm, Anonymous Rae said...

I was very confused when I recieved my first email from Jeff. I mean, Kawoosh! is on the WORLD WIDE WEB!!! Nobody is blocked from using it no matter where they reside. It was fishy and not completely well thought out on Jeff's part. I'm afraid I was a mite nasty in my reply to his second request. He has since apologized but goodness, he advertised a music video archive but all he hosted were his own vids. What's up with that? -side note, and this goes without saying but I'll say it anyway, Kawoosh! is the greatest site for SG fans and you completely rock Gater!


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